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About Belay Financial Services

A Note From Our Founder

I came up with the name for Belay Financial Services on a day when I went to a rock climbing gym with my kids.

We were watching some people climb the big rock walls while they were on belay. I had already been trying to think of what to name my firm at this point, but everything I’d thought of up until that point came up empty or didn’t feel quite right.

Our Primary Purpose

While watching the climbers, I noticed that the belayers on the ground were giving their climbers encouragement as they ascended the wall. You could tell that the encouragement worked – the climbers didn’t quit, even through the rock wall’s tough spots, because they knew that the person below was cheering for them to succeed. The belayers would give the climbers advice on what the next best move would be, because they could see the wall from a different angle – all while controlling the safety rope for the climber.

I realized that my practice puts me in a position where I can serve as a sort of financial belayer for my clients. I believe that people ultimately decide to work with a financial advisor to help reduce the potential for financial losses they may incur if they attempted to manage their financial household on their own. Just as a belayer ensures the safety and support of their climbers, I strive to ensure that my clients feel safe and secure in their financial futures, and that they can make moves to achieve their success while staying confident that they are making the best move.

I want to help my clients climb the wall all the way to the top, and I’ll be there to encourage and advise them for every rock they pass. I hope that you can join me on our journey, and I look forward to taking the next step by your side.

- Dave Madetzke, Founder & CEO

What We Strive For

At Belay Financial Services, we want to help you make sound financial decisions and guide you to financial security. We begin the financial planning process by holding a discovery meeting with you, where we will allow you to speak freely about what concerns you the most with your financial picture.

Client Centered

Our biggest goal is to alleviate any worries you may have about building your financial future, and as a result, we will form a financial plan for you before any commitment is made to make it easier for you to view your goals and any potential obstacles that may come along the way. As a fee-based firm, you can be assured that every recommendation we deliver to you is made purely with your best interests in mind – we have no loyalties to anyone but our clients, and we pride ourselves on being trustworthy and transparent about our products and services.

If you are interested in our services, or if you would like to learn more about our financial planning process, please feel free to contact us and set up an appointment today to discuss your financial concerns and what we can do to help.

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